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Mini Tractor, Farm Tractor, Agricultural Tractor  offering 4 Wheel Mini Tractor , 2 Wheel Agricultural Farm Walking Tractor Power Tiller 10HP, Agricultural Small Combining Farm Wheel Corn Maize Harvester (4YZP-2A) and so on.
The belt drive
Laidong 28ED engine (2200r/min 20.6kW),
Gear box shift 6 +1, 0
Hoisted maximum lifting force ≥ 3.81KN,
Mechanical steering,
Side of the power output of the one-touch coupling (1254r/min)
Front, rear tire the specifications (4.00-14/7.50-20)
Attach ballast
Rear track 1300mm
 type Mo2
 drive type  belt drive
 Gear box shift  6 +1
 Hoisted maximum lifting force  3.81KN
 Steering type  Mechanical steering
 Side of the power output  PTO
 Front, rear tire  4.00-14/7.50-20
 Attached  ballast
 Rear track  1300mm